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What should we wear for our engagement shoot?

Help! We don’t know what to wear for our engagement shoot

As a wedding and portrait photographer I often hear the question… ‘what should we wear for our engagement shoot?!’

The truth is, it’s entirely up to you of course! But I do have some tips to gelp you decide. Ultimately, the better you feel, the better your photos will be so I recommend wearing an outfit that makes you feel good!

Top tips for your outfit

  • Pick a common vibe – some people prefer a casual feel to their outfits, others choose to dress up. Whatever you pick, everyone in the session should wear a similar vibe to complement each other. The photos will look a little strange if one person is really dressed up but the others are in jeans!
  • Consider a colour theme, but don’t match exactly – some degree of colour coordination is great, but you shouldn’t match your outfits (with the exception of young children…this can look very cute!).
  • Limit patterns and lose the logos – Patterns, prints, logos and illustrations distract from the faces and personalities in photos and can appear quite overwhelming if there are lots of them! My advice is to avoid any logos or illustrations completely and limit patterned clothing to one person.
  • Think about your location and the weather – what would suit the location of the shoot and the weather forecast for that day? For example, if your session will be in a wheatfield on a warm August evening you might choose a very summery outfit. Alternatively, if it’s a showery March afternoon, why not go for wellies and woolly hats?
  • Organise your outfits – most people choose to stay in one outfit for the whole session but you can absolutely change if you want to! Bear in mind that we’ll be outdoors so places to change will probably be limited.
  • Accessorise! – Hats, jewellery, birthday crowns, etc, all look great in photos! Why not bring a few accessories with you and we can swap these in and out.
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I hope this information has been helpful to you. Find out more about my couple, engagement and family photoshoots in Hampshire.

Love Chloë 

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