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How to achieve a perfect wedding confetti photo

My top tips on how to capture a showstopping wedding confetti photo

Once the nerve-wracking part is over, the vows have been said and the rings have been exchanged, it’s time to make your entrance into married life! Of course, for most couples this usually means strolling through a blizzard of confetti to the cheers of family and friends! Here are my tips for achieving a showstopping wedding confetti photo:

  • Whatever you’re planning to order, double it! (Yes, really!) When it comes to getting the perfect wedding confetti shot, there is no such thing as too much!
  • For an added wow factor, go for white, biodegradable paper confetti. The light colour really pops on camera and it’ll shower you in a dreamy snowstorm effect as it floats slowly to the ground. Dried petals look lovely, but they are much heavier and fall more quickly.
manor by the lake wedding photography
  • Loose confetti in a basket works better than in individual packets because people can grab big handfuls.
  • As you walk the walk take a deep breath, smile and walk slowly as you take your first steps into married life! You may want to even stop for a kiss under the confetti downpour.
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There are always alternatives…

  • If we’re limited for space or if you’d like to switch things up from a traditional tunnel, I have the perfect solution. You’ll stand in the middle of a semi-circle of guests and have them all throw confetti over you at the same time in one huge downpour!
  • If your venue has limitations on confetti, don’t forget that there are alternative options which work just as well! For example, perhaps you could consider sparklers or bubbles?!

Organising guests for a confetti photo

As for the rest, leave that to me. I’ll organise and direct your guests to make sure we get the perfect wedding confetti photo that you’ll adore forever! What’s more, I’ll make sure we have lots of fun doing it!

Love Chloë

Ardington House Wedding confetti line

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