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First Dance Tips for Amazing Photos

You’re full of fine food, bubbles and love. Your evening guests have arrived and it’s time for the lights to go down and the party to start. Here are my tips for amazing first dance photos:

Lights, camera, action

Lighting has a huge impact on your first dance photos. If your venue or DJ is supplying party lights, ask that they don’t turn them on until after your first dance. Flashing, multi-coloured disco lights create colour casts on skin which are near impossible to edit out. Whilst this effect looks really cool in dancefloor shots once the party is in full swing, more likely than not you’ll want a more romantic feel for your first dance images. 

first dance tips

Don’t be too keen…

…to invite others to join you! Whether you’re in your element waltzing around the dancefloor or you’d rather get it over and done with, don’t rush to invite family and friends to join you. Plan to have at least 60 seconds of just the two of you. This gives me enough time to get some beautiful shots.


I don’t mean learn a strictly routine – although I’m so here for it if you want to! Play your song and dance around the kitchen before the big day. Get a feel for what is comfortable for you as a couple and practice a little spin or two (because it’s harder than it looks and it’s always a crowd pleaser!). Importantly, use this time to think about when you’ll invite your guests to join you and note what part of the song that is (but not before 60 seconds, remember!).

Now you’re all set to create amazing first dance photos! I hope these first dance tips were helpful. I’ll see you on the dancefloor!

Love Chloë

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