Wiltshire Wedding Photographer – Hannah & Matthew at Bowood House

Wiltshire wedding photography at Bowood

As a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, it often feels like I have known my wedding couples my whole life. This time, that really was the case. Matthew, my younger brother, was marrying Hannah in a beautifully intimate wedding at Bowood House, Wiltshire. Of course, I felt honoured when they asked if I would capture their day.

I always feel so privileged to witness the final moments building up to the ceremony. Matthew rehearsed his handwritten vows, while Hannah put on her gown. Her mum snipped away a tiny lose thread, and with that, Hannah was set to walk down the aisle. A simple action to most, but a moment that signifies so much more to Hannah – a moment she will never forget. That’s why I love capturing the wedding details – rings, jewellery, tiny scissors snipping a delicate thread, they are the small things which make your day especially unique.

Before the ceremony begin, the couple said a prayer, back-to-back, without Matthew seeing his bride. The most significant of moments. In the minutes that followed, Matthew walked down the aisle with our Mum, followed by the bride with her parents.

The couple made their vows under a beautiful, flower-adorned chuppah – the canopy under which the bride and groom stand during a Jewish wedding ceremony. A symbol of the home that they will build together. I felt so proud – Matthew may be all grown up, but he’ll always be my little brother!

Confetti floated through the air and the sun appeared from behind the clouds. It felt poetically symbolic of the times. COVID-19 has been a struggle for many, but Matthew and Hannah were always each other’s ray of sunshine during rainy skies.

Showstopping autumnal portraits

We made the most of the break in the rain and hopped in Bowood’s signature black cab to explore the grounds, capturing the most stunning autumnal portraits on the way! Reds, oranges and browns…the colours every autumn wedding couple dream of as their wedding backdrop!

The evening was a wonderfully relaxed occasion. A 15-person guestlist truly enables the couple to spend precious time with each and every guest. A luxury not afforded to most on their big day, and something Matthew and Hannah were clearly very thankful for.

Wiltshire wedding photographer

In the absence of a first dance, we headed outside to capture a showstopping night-time silhouette under the stars. A halo-like effect surrounded the couple, and in that moment I felt so appreciative to be doing the job I do. Your love stories truly do become my love stories.

I wish Matthew and Hannah all the happiness and love in the world.

All my love, Chloë

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