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Help! It’s forecast to rain on our wedding day

Rain on your wedding day

Rain on your wedding day. Let’s face it, it’s something most of us worry about. But British weather is unpredictable. Whilst we’d all love to be able to book our dream wedding day weather, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

Whatever your day brings – rain, snow, wind or even a heatwave, my biggest tip is to try not to stress about it and just go with the flow!

That said, there are a few things we can do to make sure we still get the most fabulous wedding images.

How to prepare for a rainy wedding day

Be open-minded about the weather

It’s highly unlikely that it’ll rain heavily and non-stop for the whole day. More often than not it’s intermittent showers that we can work around. 

Clear wedding umbrellas

I always have a stash of these in my car, just in case. They let in lots of light and look far more chic than coloured brollies. They’re perfect for achieving beautiful shots if we need to venture out into the rain!

Pack a spare pair of shoes to take on the rain

Swap into them before heading outside in wet weather. You’ll be able to swap back to dry and clean heels for your first dance!

Don’t worry about rainy wedding day photo locations 

As part of my preparations I scope out your venue for beautiful photo spots, both inside and out.

What about a heatwave?

If it’s likely to be hot, ask your venue to supply water for guests upon arrival

Often guests are waiting for a while at the ceremony location. Having a drink available works wonders to relieve any discomfort (and create happier looking guests in your photos!).

Above all, don’t forget that this is your one, special day; don’t let the weather rain on your parade! The weather is all part of the story of your day. It can even give us a unique opportunity for epic shots that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve! Whatever the weather brings, embrace it!

Rain on your wedding day is good luck!

What’s more, did you know that rain on a wedding day has long been considered a symbol of good luck for a long-lasting marriage. According to tradition, a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie. So when you ‘tie the knot’ on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to undo.

Love Chloe

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