Have you photographed our wedding venue before? – It doesn’t matter!

Have you photographed our wedding venue before?

Have you photographed at our wedding venue before? Let’s be honest, most of us have never planned a wedding before. So where do we usually start? That’s right, Google! A quick search will usually end you up on a leading wedding planning blog like Hitched or Guides for Brides – who offer an abundance of advice like ‘the top things to ask your wedding photographer’. More often than not, this question is featured.

So I’m here to confidently reassure you that having worked at your venue before (or not) really isn’t a big deal – and to explain why it certainly shouldn’t be a deal breaker when choosing your dream photographer!

Venues change. So does the lighting, weather and season.

More important than having worked at a venue before is knowing how to work with different lighting scenarios, seasons and weather conditions. This technical knowledge is what creates the consistency in photography style that you see throughout my work. Even if I’ve worked at a location before, I can almost guarantee that something will be different each time I’m there. A good photographer can work anywhere and deal with any kind of light, weather or season.

A new venue inspires creativity.

If I’ve not shot at your venue before, I will see it through fresh eyes and approach your day in a unique way. So instead of seeing the same shots that are always taken at the venue, we may well end up creating something even better! In fact, much of my best work has been at totally new venues!

timeless elegant Barnsley House wedding photography

A great photographer will take fabulous photos no matter the venue.

I’ve worked in grand manor houses, rustic barns, beautiful hotels, intimate registry offices and local country pubs. Of course, a beautiful location makes my job easier, as does being familiar with a venue. But a good photographer will be able to provide you with beautiful photos no matter where we are – even somewhere completely new.

Connection and confidence foremost.

I believe that the single most important factor in achieving amazing photos is having a genuine connection with your photographer. Closely followed by their technical ability to do the job. Think about it this way – your photographer will be with you during the most intimate moments of the day. Is it better to choose someone you are truly comfortable around and trust to produce incredible images, or someone who has simply been there before?

fairmont Windsor park wedding lake romantic elegant photos

New venue or not. I’m prepared.

Whether it’s my first time working at a venue or not I always factor in plenty of time on the morning of the wedding to familiarise myself. This means considering the lighting and weather conditions, saying a friendly hello to the venue team and your other suppliers, and anything else that I may need to think about in order to capture the most fabulous images of the day

So remember, it doesn’t matter if I’ve photographed your wedding venue before!

I hope this blog has been helpful in dispelling this common myth. In short, no I may not have photographed your wedding venue before. But no, it really doesn’t matter! Your connection with your photographer and the confidence they give you that they’ll deliver amazing images is far more important.

All of the images in this blog were taken at venues that I hadn’t previously worked at. So take a look and see for yourself!

Love Chloë

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